My mission to change how and why Americans campaign and serve.

I will be donating ½ of the annual salary of $174,000 to three charities — not for any noble cause — but to reframe the reason why we serve. My mission is to make service in Congress more like serving on jury duty and less like a millionaire men’s club. To that end, I promise to seek to raise only $174,000 — the equivalent of one year’s annual salary — even though I have been told I need to raise $2M-$3M to compete in this election.

All I can say to that is “NO, thank you!”

I have been told I cannot talk about the things that are the core motivation for my running for Congress — that if I say certain things, I cannot win. So be it.

I want to create a dialogue regarding three things dear to my heart:

We need Universal Health Care.

It is my mission to propose and enact legislation that will integrate a Universal Health Care System into  the policy of our United States of America. Without arguing the rights or privileges of all Americans to access health care, I seek a pragmatic approach to our currently inadequate and unfair system.

Here are the facts we face today:

  • Healthcare and Health Insurance are two separate products.
  • Healthcare is currently 1/6 of our American economy.
  • Being sick is not a choice.

I believe Health Insurance needs to be non-profit and not subject to a free market that fails because individual corporations let their need for profit corrupt the system.

We have a moral imperative to address gun violence.

The tragedy of gun violence not only costs this nation lives and money, it places a huge burden on law enforcement itself.

My mission is to create a “broken windows” program for community policing for the new millennium — a triangulation of community, businesses and law enforcement to secure our communities with equality for all. I believe common-sense gun control is a key component to that mission. This should be a program that creates a new opportunities for positive interaction between police and community with the support and sponsorship of local businesses.

Together, we can create a safer environment for our children, our families and our communities.

We need employment opportunity for all.

Key to this premise is the retraining of Americans between the ages of 35-65 by utilizing tried and true methods/programs the U.S. Military has employed in the recruitment of new personnel in the 18-35 year old category. These programs have a proven track record of success; we should use them to create a new era in vocational training led by Veterans and taking advantage of existing resources.