Here’s where I stand on current Federal policy.

We need to do something about guns in our society.

I support the 2nd Amendment and your right to bear arms. I also believe states have the right to impose common-sense gun laws and the federal government has a moral imperative to secure federal laws that support the rights of all states.

I believe we need to have a national database like we currently have for fingerprints (far more personal than gun ownership) to register every gun in this country! I wonder why anyone objects to that unless they have something to hide? If you drive, you’re part of a database; if you see a doctor, the same. To legally purchase guns in California you are required to fill out a background check and are part of that database. It seems very reasonable to register guns in the same way our vehicles are registered.

Every state in the Union has the right to secure its citizens from people buying guns in other states (under different state laws or even no laws) who then bring them (illegally) into California. Additionally, I strongly believe a National Gun Database is a necessary component to aid Law Enforcement.

DACA is the urgent issue of our time.

Dreamers add so much to this nation – the only country they have ever known. They deserve the chance to earn permanent citizenship status after a set period of time in which they follow the rules, behave as good citizens and show they are capable of adding good to our society and to prove they are not a burden. I also believe that anyone who commits (and is convicted of a felony) should lose all rights to apply for U.S. citizenship.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is a key component to a successful new generation in the United States. It must be made into a formal Federal Law. Dreamers are not political pawns – they are people and families and they deserve clean legislation passed to protect them.

Additionally, Dreamers are a key to an increased GDP. This should be a no-brainer: more people means increased consumption. More consumers, more consumption, more spending means increased Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Immigration is a fundamental component of our American history. The ethnic groups may change over time but diversity has made our United States the great country that it is – we don’t need to make America Great Again – it already is great.

We need more inclusion, not less. We need to build bridges, not walls. The money required to build a border wall could be spent instead on jobs projects – jobs that cannot be exported. This will build our middle class, boost our economy and increase wages for all. Whatever your beliefs, we need to treat each other more kindly and look out for all our neighbors, regardless of their nationality, beliefs or lifestyle.

I am Pro-Choice.

My dad always says “My business ends where your nose begins.” and I try to live my life that way. But one truth I know to be self-evident: if men could get pregnant, choice would not be a debate. I do not consider myself a feminist; I am a pragmatist. Abortions have always been a part of all societies. Do we want them to be clandestine and dangerous? Abortion is not covered by any government medical program but I believe if a woman or family makes that decision and can cover the expense, we should respect their choice.

We need real corporate tax reform.
I believe a corporate tax set at 26% is fair and will eliminate the current deficit of $1.5 Trillion and provide funds to be used in infrastructure (JOBS) to repair bridges, roads, electrical grids, water resources and secure our public utilities.

I will be adding more to my stand on this issue and my campaign continues.

When we don't participation in trade deals, America loses.
Participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is an absolute must to enhance and maintain this nation’s leadership in the world. Why would we want to relinquish economic power? Why would be we not want more consumers of American-made products (exports)? Why would we want to give up our power to China and other nations who stand willing to step in where our nation leaves a vacuum?

We are all citizens of Earth. Let's keep it livable.

I believe in science and it says climate change is real. Citizens of California know this personally – we experience the effects of water shortages and wildfires and it’s clear that it’s not only getting hotter, it’s getting drier. Climate isn’t local weather. And yes, our world has experienced climate change many times in geological history. But the change we currently experience is happening faster than we’ve ever seen in the past. Climate change is key to national security, too.

We should be leaders, not deniers.

We need to be investing in sustainable energy and investing in the research and technologies that make that possible. China is quickly out-stripping America in this race. Just like going to the moon, we can do it if we set our minds to it.

Single-Payer healthcare should be our goal.

Any good CEO will tell you that efficiency is created by streamlining overhead. I firmly believe that healthcare is our right and it should not be an industry designed to make corporations wealthy. Medicare works and a medicare-for-all approach is a great way to eliminate overhead costs, cut out the middlemen who make a huge profit off of health products and pharmaceuticals that are, for many, life-sustaining.

Single-payer isn’t about government taking over healthcare, it’s about ensuring we all are able to afford great care. It’s about regulating the insurance part of paying for healthcare.

The health insurance industry employs 2.6 Million people. The healthcare industry employs 2.5 Million nurses alone. It offends me when we employ as many people to push paper and to regulate healthcare than we do to staff hospitals with doctors or nurses who actually provide necessary (direct) service and fill the public’s immediate need.